Woman, 19, faked kidnapping, sent ransom notes to extort father

Abbygail Farley, 19, is accused of faking her kidnapping and writing ransom notes to her father. (Corbin Police Department)

Corbin, Kentucky (FOX News): A 19-year-old Kentucky woman who police said wanted to make some quick money faked her kidnapping, even writing her own ransom notes to her family.

Abbygail Farley, of Corbin, was reported missing by her father Mark after he received various text messages saying she had been kidnapped and that her alleged abductors wanted $400 for her release or she would be killed, according to court records.

“[He] said he was receiving messages from her phone saying she had been abducted for money because she owed some money,” Lt. Coy Wilson told WYMT-TV.

Court documents show that he also received text messages from another number.

Farley’s father, who was given a drop-off location to leave the money, contacted police, who then reached out to the FBI for help.

Corbin police said Farley was actually pretending to be her abductor and was using a texting app to send the random notes. When her father dropped off $400, police pinged her phone and discovered her inside an apartment.

“After dropping it off, we went and searched all the residences and after a couple we found her,” Wilson said.

The 19-year-old admitted to police that she made it all up and just wanted her father to pay up, WYMT-TV reported.

Farley was charged with falsely reporting an incident, theft by extortion and disorderly conduct.

Wilson said Farley gave various reasons as to why he wanted the money and believe a possible drug problem is “the reason behind all of this.”

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