Rep. Michelle Steel introduces bill to rename Little Saigon post office in honor of Vietnamese hero

Sacramento: (Yahoo):
In a press release on Oct. 1, Rep. Michelle Steel (CA-48) introduced her bill to rename the post office at 9317 Bolsa Rd. in Little Saigon, Calif. to “General Tran Hung Dao Post Office.”

Honoring a hero: General Tran Hung Dao is considered one of the greatest military generals of all time. He still remains a significant figure to the Vietnamese community, according to Orange County Breeze.

The brilliant military strategist saved Vietnam from Mongolian invasion three times, which is considered one of the greatest military feats in history.

“I’m proud to represent Little Saigon, which is home to over 189,000 Vietnamese Americans – the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam,” stated Rep. Steel. “This week, in honor of the anniversary of his death on October 3rd, I introduced a bill that would rename a U.S. Post Office in Little Saigon as the ‘General Tran Hung Dao Post Office.’”

“This renaming would mean so much to those in the Vietnamese community that I am so proud to represent,” she added.

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