Vietnamese Refugee Now One of the First Asian American Women Elected to Virginia’s State House

Virginia (Next Shark, Nov 10,2017): Democrat Kathy Tran defeated Republican Lolita Mancheno-Smoak after taking home the victory 61% to 39% on Tuesday.

She joins Filipina-American Kelly Fowler, delegate-elect for Virginia’s 21st District, to become one of Virginia’s first Asian-American female delegates to represent the 42nd District. 

Delegate Mark Keam in the 35th District is also part of an ever-expanding Asian-American community in Northern Virginia, according to Connection.



The Vietnamese Democratic candidate’s historic achievement is a significant win for the community given that 58% of her district’s population consists of Asian immigrants.

According to the official campaign site, Tran and her parents left Vietnam as boat refugees when she was just 7 months old. Tran’s family sacrificed a lot in order to reach the United States and they believed that the country “represented hope, opportunity and freedom.”

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