Trial begins for murder-accused Lucifer Nguyen

Minnesota (, May 7th,2018): The trial of Lucifer Nguyen, accused of 1st degree murder, starts in Minnesota on Monday.

As well as the murder charges, the 45 year old, from New Hope, is facing charges of burglary, assault and kidnapping that could put him away for 100 years if convicted.

It follows an alleged crime spree in July of last year, including the killing of 48-year-old Beverly Cory in Mendota Heights, that sparked a three-day manhunt across the Twin Cities.

It started when Nguyen allegedly robbed a woman at gunpoint in her Mendota Heights home, before hiding out in a senior living center.

From there he slipped into a nearby office park, where Cory was later found dead from a gunshot wound to the head.

There was no connection between Nguyen and Cory, who was simply working in the office complex when she was killed.

Nguyen is then said to have stolen her car, which was found ditched later the same day.

He was eventually found in Blaine two days later and arrested.

Nguyen legally changed his first name to “Lucifer” more than a decade ago.

He is facing four murder charges, including 1st degree, premeditated murder; 1st degree murder while committing an aggravated robbery; 2nd degree intentional murder; and 2nd degree murder while committing an aggravated robbery

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