Selling slime could pay for this kid’s college tuition

(New York Post) It pays to be slimy.

Sticky-fingered Kaitlinh Nguyen, a 13-year-old from Virginia, has made more than $5,000 selling batches of homemade slime on Etsy and on her own site for between $6 and $12.

Nguyen, who calls herself a “slimer,” is capitalizing on a craze sweeping through middle and high schools. Kids are obsessed with making — and even selling — creative goo.

Nguyen’s videos showcasing goo of all colors and textures have tens of millions of views. One such video features a glittery “galaxy swirl” concoction, while another creation resembles soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles on top.

“A lot of people like my slime. They say it’s different and really out there,” says Nguyen, who has an Instagram following of 530,000.

“I don’t know why people are buying it but I guess it’s really addicting to poke and make sounds,” she adds.

Nguyen — who whips up batches of slime on a daily basis — wants to put some of the profits toward speeding up her slime output.

“The money from Etsy my parents want me to save for college, but I kind of just want to spend it on a stand mixer to mix my slime so it’s a lot faster,” she says.

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