Rain, freezing rain and ice pellets falling again on southern Ontario

TORONTO (CP): — Rain, freezing rain and ice pellets are falling across southern and central Ontario as a massive, slow-moving storm system powers up again after hammering the region on Saturday.

The system is affecting an area that stretches west to east from Windsor, Ont., into Quebec and north to south from North Bay, Ont., to Lake Ontario.

Rain and freezing rain warnings have been issued for the Greater Toronto Area where police reported more than 550 crashes on icy roads Saturday, though none were fatal.

There were more than 550 collisions on Toronto-area highways Saturday as an ice storm pelted southern Ontario,

Thousands of people also lost power, but Hydro One and other affected utilities have been working around the clock to reconnect customers.

There are fears Sunday’s stormy weather may be even more severe than the day before as Environment Canada expects the precipitation will be driven by howling winds in many areas.

Wind warnings have been issued with gusts up to 90 kilometres per hour forecast for the Hamilton area — strong enough to cause property damage and further power outages.

Environment Canada says the freezing rain and ice pellets will change to solid rain later in the day as temperatures rise, starting in the west and moving east.

Toronto’s Pearson Airport is advising travellers to check the status of their flights before leaving. More than 250 flights were cancelled Saturday and another 233 early Sunday morning.

Motorists who cannot avoid going out today are urged to be extra cautious due to what are likely to be treacherous road conditions.

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