Joe Biden would beat Trump :Fox News Poll

Washington (FOX News): Joe Biden would beat Trump by 12% and has double-digit lead in primary, Fox News poll finds

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still the Democrat who is most likely to defeat President Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, according to a new poll from Fox News.

Fifty-one percent of registered voters said they would vote for Biden in that scenario and 39% said they would vote for Trump. Biden’s lead remained strong among registered independents, 33%-23%, but 20% of them preferred “other” to him or Trump and 16% said they didn’t know who they would pick.

Trump trailed in almost every demographic except among white people, 46% of whom favored the president over Biden. Forty-four percent of white voters chose Biden.

Forty-six percent of white women went for Biden while white men supported Trump by an 11-point margin. His strongest support was among white men without a college degree. Fifty percent of them favored Trump. Thirty-seven percent picked Biden. White evangelicals chose Trump 68%-24%.

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