Jagmeet Singh: Could NDP leader be Canada’s next PM?

(Yahoo):Jagmeet Singh has secured himself a seat in the House of Commons, and now his sights are set on becoming prime minister.

“We made history today,” Singh told his supporters Monday after winning the federal byelection in Burnaby South. “When I was growing up as a kid, I could’ve never imagined someone like me ever running to be prime minister. Guess what? We just told a lot of kids out there: ‘Yes, you can.’”

“It wasn’t very surprising,” political analyst Philippe Fournier said of the result, calling the B.C. seat a “favourable” for New Democrats, It also helps that the Greens didn’t run a candidate in the British Columbia riding, Fournier added.

The win is important for Singh because it provides a platform to share his vision in Parliament. It also gives him an opportunity to debate his biggest political opponents during question period.

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