Chef in Germany says ‘No Chinese wanted!!!’ in restaurant reopening announcement, makes weak apology attempt

Chef Jean-Claude Bourgueil,

(NY Daily News): He may want to eat his words.

A chef in Germany proclaimed that his restaurant would reopen soon but added “No Chinese wanted!!!” the German news outlet Deutsche Welle reported.

Jean-Claude Bourgueil, a French chef famous enough to have his own German Wikipedia page, made the triumphant and racist announcement Wednesday on his personal Facebook account, according to Deutsche Welle. The post has since been deleted but was screenshotted of course.

“We start on Friday, but only with our bistro,” the 73-year-old chef wrote, before cracking open the racism. “No Chinese wanted!!!”

Bourguiel then attempted a half-apology on the restaurant’s official page, Deutsche Welle reported. He called his post “thoughtless” and said it was “formulated completely wrong” before adding he meant “dictators” and “strongmen” in China, not Chinese people in general.

That apology, however, clearly didn’t go down too well because it cannot be viewed on Facebook anymore either.

Asian people throughout the world have faced more racism than usual during the coronavirus pandemic.

Born in France, Bourguiel took over the upscale restaurant Im Schiffchen in Düsseldorf in 1977, according to that Wikipedia page. He’s been whipping up high-class dishes for the past 43 years and was honored in 2004 as a “cultural ambassador of France to Germany.”

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