Westminster Vice Mayor Tyler Diep and VietFace TV Under Fire of Vietnamese Community

Westminster, CA: Since February 2018, VietFace TV has been reported to be in business with Vinh Long Broadcasting Station.

VietFace TV is a Vietnamese speaking TV broadcasting company that is operated by Thuy Nga Productions, well-known for its music production and variety shows such as Paris by Night. VietFace TV is headquartered in Houston, Texas, but also has a location in Fountain Valley, C.A.

Vinh Long Broadcasting Company, a Socialist Republic of Vietnam government-funded TV station, is based in Vinh Long, Vietnam.

The two business have formed a relationship. Vinh Long sells programs to VietFace TV, and then VietFace TV broadcasts the programs to its viewers.

The Coalition of Vietnamese American Against Communism (CVAAC), a group based in Torrance, C.A. in conjunction with the National Vietnamese Community of Southern California (NVCSC), has made it clear that they do not support the business relationship between VietFace TV and Vinh Long Broadcasting Company

Due to the painful past of the exodus of Vietnamese refugees after the Vietnam War, the two anti-communist organizations do not approve of any business involvement directly with the government of Vietnam. CVAAC and NVCSC have accused that VietFace TV to be broadcasting communist propaganda in the United States.

Westminster’s Current Vice Mayor, Tyler Diep, under the accusations of the Coalition of Vietnamese American Against Communism and the National Vietnamese Community of Southern California for his ties with VietFace TV. Tyler Diep has labeled himself as the political director of VietFace TV. The community has deemed his role and relationship with VietFace TV to be questionable as he holds public office and is employed by VietFace TV, a business with close ties to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The Coalition of Vietnamese American Against Communism has called for his resignation from his position as political director of VietFace TV to prove that he has no ties to the communist government. Councilman Diep has not addressed the call.

Chris Vo


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