Viet Summer Fest 2018

Mississauga : On Saturday September 15,2018,about one thousandVietnamese-Canadians from the Greater Toronto Area along withMississauga residents, gathered at the iconic Celebration Squarein Mississauga to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Vietsummer fest.

This is a free annual cultural event hosted by MinhChau production that featured traditional as well as modernVietnamese music and dances. This is an opportunity for ourcommunity to share our Vietnamese heritage with other Canadiansand to showcase talents from our community.

As usual, there wereperformances by children and young artists from our communitysince we also celebrated the Mid-autumn festival. Thu Thao Dance Group and V-Star were among the invited performers. The audiencewas absolutely beguiled by the amazing young talents!

Phạm Ánh Thu

(photos: Phạm Thu Thủy)

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