Three British men of Vietnamese origins, facing 10 years prison after pleading guilty to sexual assault

Khong Tam Thanh

Singapore (MailOnline, Aug 14,2017): Three young Britons have pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a drunken Malaysian woman during a buck’s party in Singapore and may now face long prison terms and caning.

Khong Tam Thanh, Le Michael and Vu Thai Son, all in their 20s, were originally charged with rape but admitted the lesser offence of sexual assault at the city-state’s High Court after a four-day trial.

The men, British citizens of Vietnamese origin, will be sentenced on Tuesday.

Sexual assault carries a penalty of up to 10 years jail and caning, a punishment that dates back to British colonial rule

The three were in Singapore in September as part of a group of nine for a bachelor party and attended an electronic music festival called Ultra Singapore.

The groom, the brother of Khong, was also on the trip.

They met the 23-year-old woman in the popular nightspot Zouk in the city-state.

After she had agreed to have sex with one of their friends, a British citizen also of Vietnamese origin identified as Richard Ahn, he took her to his hotel room at the Carlton Hotel.

After the pair had sex, Khong, 22, Le and Vu — both 24 — took turns to enter the room and have sex with the woman as she lay drunk and unconscious, the court heard.


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