SBTN Voice – Dương Thái Hòa among the Top 21!

This summer, SBTN will be premiering a brand new singing competition show! SBTN Voice is an international singing competition, much like competitions such as “Giọng Ca Vàng” or “VStar”, but this show will be filmed in the format of a reality show, bringing audiences a lot of fun and exciting footage beyond the actual competition that should make for an enjoyable watching experience.

With over 500 applicants, SBTN Voice selected the Top 21 contestants from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands – and Toronto’s own Dương Thái Hòa (myself!) has been selected as a the only contestant to compete from Canada! The Top 21 are divided into 3 teams based on genre: Team Trữ Tình, Team Quê Hương, and Team Nhạc Trẻ, with 1 winner to be selected from each team. Each team will also receive assistance from 2 coaches; singers, songwriters and producers who have made their careers in the Vietnamese music industry. Among the coaches are Sỹ Đan and Nguyên Khang (Trữ Tình), Phương Thảo and Thế Sơn (Quê Hương), and Đoàn Phi and Mai Thanh Sơn (Nhạc Trẻ).

As the episodes air, viewers at home can watch the Top 21 compete in a variety of challenges that will test their skills as singers and performers, until only 6 contestants remain who will compete in a Live Finale. In addition, viewers will also be able to vote to save 1 eliminated contestant who will join the Top 6 in the finale!

SBTN Voice will be airing on SBTN of course, but for those who do not have the channel, SBTN Voice can also be streamed using the “SBTN Online TV” app or by visiting With this app, viewers can subscribe for a monthly fee and watch all of SBTN’s programming.

Season 1 of SBTN Voice is set to begin airing on August 19, 2018. Please support myself and all of the contestants by watching the show this summer! For more information and to stay updated, please visit or follow SBTN Voice on Facebook.

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