Police kill 4 suspects in Cambrils after Barcelona attack

(Global News, Aug 17,2017): Catalan police say they have killed four terrorism suspects and arrested a fifth in the town of Cambrils, south of Barcelona. The surviving suspect suffered a gunshot wound.

Police added that they were preparing to carry out a series of controlled detonations. Earlier, Subinspector Alfredo Perdiguero of the National Police Corps had tweeted that the would-be attackers were wearing explosive belts.

Spanish radio station Cadena SER reported that the four suspects were killed after attempting to replicate the vehicle attack that occurred in central Barcelona on Thursday evening, by driving onto a pedestrian area.

Five civilians and one police officer were injured in the incident.

Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia published a YouTube video showing the immediate aftermath of the suspected attack in Cambrils. Gunshots can be heard about 18 seconds into the video, at which point civilians are seen scrambling to take cover.


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