Paramedics grant dying man’s final wish for caramel sundae

Queensland, Autraslia (CTV): Two Australian paramedics are being praised for their kindness after they granted a terminally ill man’s final wish to eat a caramel sundae as he rode in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

In a post shared on Facebook on Tuesday, the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) described how their paramedics Kate and Hanna responded to a call in the Gold Coast last week. As they were loading Ron McCartney, 72, into the ambulance to transport him to the hospital’s palliative care unit, his wife Sharon mentioned that he hadn’t eaten anything in the past two days.

“The officers asked Ron, if you could eat anything… what would it be? To which Ron replied, a caramel sundae,” the QAS recounted.

In a photo accompanying the post, McCartney can be seen sitting on a stretcher in the ambulance enjoying a caramel sundae the paramedics obtained for him.

It would be McCartney’s final journey to the hospital following a 17-year battle with cancer. He died on Saturday morning, according to a Facebook update by his daughter Danielle Smith.

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