Man in Britain who killed pregnant ex-wife with crossbow found guilty

(FOX News): A man in Britain who killed his heavily pregnant ex-wife in a deadly crossbow attack last year was found guilty of murder.

Sana Muhammad, 35, who also goes by Devi Unmathallegadoo, was eight months pregnant when she was killed in front of her five children by her ex-husband Ramanodge Unmathallegadoo, 51, who burst into her home in east London on November 12, 2018.

She suffered “catastrophic” internal injuries after the crossbow bolt pierced her heart. She later died at a local hospital, but her unborn child was delivered and miraculously survived.

The violent attack was reportedly carried out after their marriage fell apart and she left him for Imtiaz Muhammad, whom she married after her divorce.

Unmathallegadoo was found guilty on Friday after just four hours of deliberations in court.

According to the BBC, Unmathallegadoo plotted the attack on his ex-wife and family several months before the deadly encounter.

On the day of the killing, the victim’s second husband told the court he found Unmathallegadoo hiding in their shed with a crossbow and various weapons. Muhammad told the court he thought he was “dreaming” when he spotted Unmathallegadoo.

The weapons cache included two loaded crossbows, arrows, a hammer, cable ties, duct tape, and scissors.

“He stared at me, he was going to shoot so I ran into the house. My wife was doing the washing up, I was shouting ‘run’ ‘run’ ‘run’,” Muhammad told the Evening Standard. “I can’t help thinking she took my arrow. Maybe it should have hit me.”

Muhammad added that Unmathallegadoo shot his wife in front of her children, who were between the ages of 1 and 17.

Unmathallegadoo denied the murder charges in court, saying he used the crossbows to protect himself from his ex-wife’s husband, adding that he took the crossbows “only as a deterrent because I didn’t want to be intimidated physically by Imtiaz,” the BBC reported.

“Devi and Imtiaz were on the stairs. I just wanted them to stop. I thought if I hit the banister they would hear the noise and stop,” he said, according to the outlet.

He allegedly ran after Muhammad and shot his ex-wife as she fled upstairs.

In April, a trial against Unmathallegadoo was discharged after a juror raised an issue about the state of the defendant’s mental state despite the judge asking the jury not to speculate on the matter, the BBC reported.

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