Four parts of the body you should be cleaning but likely aren’t

Yahoo ( May 17,2017):

Belly button

Most people remember to lather up the important parts of their bodies — faces, nether regions, under their arms — but what about your belly button? “It’s an area that’s warm and moist so it can grow yeast as well,” says Dr. Lisa

Breast folds

Under and between the breasts should be cleansed, especially if you’re a larger person and if you have folds underneath that area. “Those areas that are warm and moist are more likely to grow yeast,” reminds Kellett.

Folds around the stomach area

Folds under and around the stomach area are warm and moist and more likely to have a higher buildup of bacteria, says Dr. Kellett, so it’s important to wash away the bacteria and sweat that gathers in the folds

Between the toes

It’s important to wash in between your toes and dry your feet carefully to help prevent a fungal infection of the skin, such as athlete’s foot.





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