Eco-friendly open-air urinals cause uproar in Paris

Paris(CNN): City officials have installed four open-air urinals, or “uritrottoirs.”
One in particular, located near the Notre-Dame cathedral, has drawn attention for its view of the River Seine.
The “intelligent urinals,” which have a straw layer that eliminates odor, were installed in areas where public urination is a problem, according to a statement from city officials.

One urinal, located near the Notre Dame cathedral, overlooks the River Seine.
Officials say the urinals are eco-friendly — they will harness nutrients in waste to produce compost for parks and gardens. According to the statement, one year of a person’s urine holds enough nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium to fertilize 400 square meters of wheat.
However, these features have done little to calm the ire of local residents, who have written to the town hall in protest.

The urinals claim to be eco-friendly, as they turn waste into compost for parks and gardens.
“I think installing a urinal in the streets of Paris for those who don’t respect their surroundings is a good idea, but in my opinion, this model is not attractive at all, and where it’s been set up is not appropriate at all,” one man told reporters.
Another resident complained that “it is definitely a desirable and historic neighborhood, but seeing people urinating right in front of your door is not the nicest thing.”
Ariel Weil, mayor of the fourth district of Paris, tweeted in defense of the urinals on Monday, calling them “an invention of genius.” Four have been installed so far, with a fifth being planned.
Paris isn’t the first European city to install outdoor urinals. Amsterdam has had them for years, and cities in Belgium and Australia have also trialed them.

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