Dothan couple indicted on dozens of animal cruelty charges

Dothan , Alabama (WTVY, July 24,2017): Two people were indicted for animal cruelty charges in connection with the alleged operation of a puppy mill in Dothan.

Court records revealed Monday that a Houston County Grand Jury that recently met found there is sufficient evidence to take Hoan Cong Nguyen and Le Ngoc Pham to trial.

A large number of cases were being docketed Monday so the final number of indictments wasn’t immediately known.

Nguyen and Pham, when arrested, were charged with 81 criminal counts involving alleged animal cruelty each. Some were felonies and other misdemeanors.

Dothan police say they seized over 60 dogs in March from Hguyen and Pham’s home near Murphy Mill Rd. after their received a complaint.

Eight dog carcasses also were discovered in a freezer. Police say the mill had operated for about two years behind high fences at the home.

The dogs seized are housed at the Dothan Animal Shelter and it seems likely restitution for their care will be sought by prosecutors.

Eight exotic birds taken from Nguyen and Pham’s home were placed in a wildlife habitat.

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