Diabetes drug cuts risk of lung cancer: Metformin blocks cigarette tumours

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London : Smokers could be protected from lung cancer by taking a drug used by diabetics.

Scientists said metformin appears to block development of tumours in tests on mice.

If the research can now be proven in humans, it would be the first drug able to block a smoke-related cancer before it spreads. Scientists said there were already indications it works, with lower cases of cancer in smokers taking metformin for their diabetes.

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Phillip Dennis, of the US National Cancer Institute, said: “This drug was able to stop tobacco carcinogen-induced lung tumours.”

He said the number of cases in mice exposed to tobacco carcinogens given the drug by mouth fell 50% and by injection 72%. Health campaigners warned although it could cut the risk of cancer it would not stop other health impacts of smoking such as emphysema. Cigs kill 114,000 Brits a year, with 43,000 from cancers.

25,000 die from lung cancer related to smoking, per year in Britain

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