Accountant dies after charging mobile phone ‘slips’ into bath

Russia (Yahoo): An accountant has died after being electrocuted when her mobile phone slipped into her bath while it was charging.

Evgenia Shulyatyeva, 26, was found dead by her mother Vera, 53, who became concerned after her daughter didn’t respond to any of her messages.

Investigators say she was ‘killed instantly’ by electrocution after the phone, which was plugged into a 220-volt plug ‘slipped’ and landed in the water with her.

It is not clear if she was using the phone while bathing.

Devastated friends and family members paid tribute to the young Russian on her Instagram account, which is filled with selfies taken on her mobile phone.

“Sister, rest in peace, sleep well. It will always be in our hearts, ”Elena Shakleina, a friend of the victim, wrote on social media.

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