Trump says ‘I don’t care’ if Democrats go after my taxes

(CNN): President Donald Trump shrugged off the prospect of Democrats going after his tax returns if the party wins control of the House in this week’s midterm contests, suggesting Monday he was unbothered by a protracted fight over his financial documents.

“I don’t care. They can do whatever they want, and I can do whatever I want,” Trump said as he deplaned in Indiana for his second rally of the day.

The President has focused much of his campaigning in the final stretch on shoring up Republican Senate candidates, though he insisted the House will still very much in play.
Aside from the legislative challenges a Democratic House would pose, the White House has been grappling with how its political opponents would wield new investigative powers should they assume control.

A top target for Democrats remains Trump’s personal tax returns, an ask that Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi told the the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial board last month is “one of the first things we’d do.”

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