Many residents who are on home quarantine aren’t staying home.

Dr. Hoa Nguyễn

Guam (Kuam News):The Governor’s Physicians Advisory Group is currently engaging in discussions for returning residents to test-out of home quarantine. A part of the reason, according to member Dr. Hoa Nguyen, is that many residents who are on home quarantine aren’t staying home.

“And it’s some there’s a lot of heated debate in the PAG group to try to move this thing forward,” he detailed. “We have several weeks to try to work thing out, but we really need to somehow because we have the testing capacity not like we have unlimited testing capacity but we have enough to roll out this thing this program to see if it works to make sure that the home quarantine at least get tested.

“Because right now, I tell you, people are going out when they’re supposed to on home quarantine.”

Dr. Nguyen says they are looking at possibly launching the test-out program in August. He adds though the cost of the test would have to paid for by the returning resident.

As for an update on those currently in government quarantine facilities, Dr. Nguyen says Public Health is planning to test these passengers over the weekend.

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