Man Narrowly Avoids Injury When Car Crashes Into a Store

FOUNTAIN VALLEY ( — It was a dramatic near-miss caught on camera.

Andy Nguyen was sitting on a couch inside a Fountain Valley vape store on Brookhurst Street when he saw a vehicle go airborne — headed right for him. He jumped out of the way with less than a second to spare.

“I thought, maybe he’ll stop in time,” Nguyen said . “But once he got airborne, I was like there’s no way he’s stopping in time. I need to move immediately.”

Seconds later, the driver tried to get out of the car, but the door wouldn’t open all the way. He crawled out through the passenger side and asked Nguyen if he was OK. Neither man was hurt.

Police say the driver was heading south on Brookhurst and swerved to miss a driver turning left in front of him. One of the vehicles flew over a brick wall in front of the store, clipping a sign and landing in the vape shop.

Police say neither drugs nor alcohol were a factor.

The driver declined to speak on camera.

But Nguyen said luck is on his side.

“I’m gonna go do something. Buy a lotto ticket or something,” he said.

There was no structural damage to the building.

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