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Vietnamese cooking delivered with an edge in Culver City

(Los Angeles Times)
If we graded like art school professors around here, and sometimes it seems as if we do, the pho baguette at East Borough could well be the dish of the year — a mash-up between bánh mì, pho and French dip, like a demented cronut of the sandwich world. It makes the bäco, the flatbread-taco mash-up that was last year’s entrant in this category, seem almost tame.

Bánh mì and pho are probably the two most famous Vietnamese dishes in Los Angeles at the moment, the ones that would come up first in a battle on “Family Feud.” You might find sandwiches and beef noodle soup to be basically incompatible. East Borough’s Chloe Tran does not — her hoagie combines the spices and long-simmered brisket of phowith the French bread, chiles and pickled vegetables of abánh mì. A little bowl of pho broth on the side transforms the sandwich into something like a Los Angeles French dip. Is Sriracha aioli involved? Do you even have to ask?

East Borough's
East Borough’s

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